A-Style Team thanks supporters of Monza Rally Show

Two consecutive amazing victories obtained at the Monza Rally Show is the result of the immense talent of Robert Kubica and Alessandra Benedetti but also the incredible work of the men’s team, the support of the sponsors and the great collaboration of all the supporters of the team.

The Monza Rally Show ended triumphantly for the colors of the A-Style Team that won both the rally and the spectacular finale of the Master Show proving itself as brilliant private team winning over most officially reliable cars.

The widely discussed success of Kubica-Benedetti team is also the result of meticulous work behind the scenes of all the members of the team (in the field and in preparing cars to the race) and precious support of sponsors and technical suppliers, who believed in the project concocted just a month before the race.

A-Style Team would like to thank one of its esteemed supporting sponsors, CFE Asset Management, who had not doubted the success of the endeavour.