Kids dreams

To make a child’s dream come true… what can be more rewarding? Especially when it is not just a «child», it is a physically challenged, or «extraordinary» child…

For many, the dream of flying above the clouds seemed even more distant than they even did long ago for Icarus. For the majority of them, life is confined within the walls of hospitals, and every new day for them is a constant  challenge.

In May 2013 Corporation Financière Européenne SA decided to fund the Association “Wings without Borders” in order to help pilots Thierry Vidal, Grégoire Badel and Anthony Contino, (who founded the association), with the noble project “A Child’s Dream”.

The main goal of the project is to organise humanitarian, social and charitable  air rallies, oriented at physically challenged or disadvantaged children.

For a period of 10 days a squadron of 30 aircrafts flew the special kids all over France: Bourges, Le Havre, Villacoublay, Biarritz, Carcassonne, there was even a little detour to Belgium!

The three pilots shared the flying duties in order to make sure that the 10 days’ “tour de France” was a great success. Most of the kids had never flown in a plane and it was a very exciting experience for them, as well as for the pilots. Each flight lasted for about 20 minutes, and at times it was a really moving feeling for the pilots to take into the air these remarkable children who are coming to the end of their lives path.

To commemorate the donations that have helped make the kids’ dreams come true, Thierry, Grégoire and Anthony borrowed a plane at the aero club of Annemasse and had the plane redecorated in the colours of the sponsors.

Corporation Financière Européenne SA is proud to have helped realise the dreams of 1500 very special kids of leaving terra firma and pretending to be a bird, even if it was only for a few minutes.