CFE Finance

The Board of Directors of CFE Finance Group is committed to ensuring the highest standards of corporate governance to promote trust and stability within the Group.

Comprising four members selected for their specific and proven expertise, independence, and integrity, the Board meets at least four times a year to define priorities and decision-making processes tailored to the needs of the situation.

From the appointment process to comprehensive financial reviews, the Board is dedicated to promoting sustainability and long-term success. With a focus on integrity, each Board member plays a crucial role in ensuring that corporate activities are conducted ethically, legally, and in full compliance with the principles of sound, effective, and transparent management. Each Board member has a specific role, and their respective competencies are described in this section with the utmost transparency.



Pierfrancesco Rampinelli Rota is the Chairman of the Board of CFE Holding, with responsibility for institutional representation and overseeing the Group’s image. In his role as Chairman, supported by other Board members, he sets objectives and ensures they are achieved.

Pierfrancesco Rampinelli Rota brings to our Company extensive international knowledge. Among his duties is representing the Company at the highest institutional levels and setting objectives with the Board to ensure they are met.

He graduated in law from the University of Padua and specialized in corporate law, banking and international taxation. He has been Chairman, Managing Director, Director of various companies, listed, industrial, commercial, financial, banking as well as various Foundations in Switzerland, Italy, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland, France, and South America.

Among others, Director of Banca Lombarda, member of the Supervisory Board of UBI Banca, member of the Executive Committee of Banque de Depôts et de Gestion (CH), Chairman of UBI Banco di Brescia Foundation.



Mario Cordoni, founder and CEO of the Group, has over thirty years of experience in entrepreneurship and finance.

He graduated in International Economics and Commerce from the University of Turin and later obtained a Master’s degree from the IPSOA management school in Milan. In his role as a Board member and CEO, he defines the overall vision and strategy of the Group.

Responsible for business procedures and performance, he coordinates organization and oversees various operational sectors. He also serves as a liaison between the various Group administrations and is authorized to represent the Group to shareholders and investors.

Before founding CFE Finance, Mario held various senior management positions, including Co-General Manager at Socona Holding, a Swiss company specializing in export financing and credit insurance. Previously, he was also Co-General Manager of COFIME (Compagnia Finanziaria Mercantile di Torino), a company specializing in financial and commercial consulting for Italian exporters.



Marina Padalino, graduated with honors in law and qualified to practice law, joined the Group in 2019 as a Senior Manager.

She trained in various business areas, specializing in international contract law, management of complex administrative processes, and personal data protection (GDPR).

As a Board member, Marina is responsible for developing robust corporate governance and fostering an ethical culture within the Group, implementing guidelines, processes, and corporate policies in full compliance with applicable rules and regulations.



Marco Paterno’ Castello serves as CEO of CFE Advisory Services, a Group consulting company located in Luxembourg. He is also CEO of Luxembourg Fund Services SA, a regulated company belonging to the Group, specializing in fund services, and serves as administrator of various Luxembourg alternative funds.

With a Master’s degree in Economics from Bocconi University in Milan, he has been an associate member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) since 2015.

As a Board member of CFE Holding, Marco directly supports the CEO in strategic decisions for the Group and coordinates the commercial and financial activities of subsidiary companies, also serving as head of corporate and advisory services within the Group.

Before joining CFE Finance Group, he held prominent roles in corporate banking and wealth planning and corporate structuring within the Ubi Banca group in Luxembourg.