CFE Finance Group

An independent financial group specializing in Trade Finance, Corporate Advisory Services, Structured Finance, Emerging Markets and Order Routing Desk

Corporation Financière Européenne SA (CFE) was founded in 2001 by Mario Cordoni, who has held the role of Chief Executive Officer since.

Thanks to a fruitful collaboration with Massimiliano Piunti, a specialist in structuring financing in favor of exporters and importers, Mr. Cordoni recognized the potential in creating a dedicated advisory service for Trade Finance.

Thanks to the backing from one of Italy’s leading banks, UBI Banca, and to the contribution of Duccio Duranti, CFE Finance has grown from an advisory firm to a diversified investment manager that actively originates and invests in a wide variety of illiquid markets ranging from trade claims and commercial debt, to invoices and loans in various countries.

Since its inception, CFE Finance has arranged Trade Finance transactions in excess of €3.5 billion and today has increased its shareholders’ equity to €60 million.

More recently, the group arranged more than 25 bespoke securitization vehicles for asset managers, family offices and banks, for an amount of €1.5 billion.

CFE Finance Group at a glance